How Prepared are you to Face your Maker?

This month of August has been fruitful to most of us, with goodness galore. Great people were birthed in this month, myself included. At the same time, great people have gone to be with the Lord. Educational institutions have lost their heroes, death attacking both students and teachers. The subordinate staff have succumbed and the neighboring friends like wakulima who have been supplying the Institutions with food have not been left out. Death has cruelly slaughtered some sheep in the churches and at the same time, sherpherds have allegedly killed other sheep because of carelessly driving their Range Rovers. Comedy lovers have lost some creme de la creme actors.


Friends and relatives have lost their loved ones and are painfully mourning by posting R.I.Ps on the book invented by Mark Zuckerberg. Others have lost their lovers and children. In some villages, gods are also mysteriously disappearing to show how serious the claws of death are. While still in the sombre mood, you get to hear that another close person to the deceased has also decided to join the fellow kin. This happened where a father died and before he was burried, his daughter also followed suit due to heart failure after receiving the sad news of the passing on of his father. It is like the sting of death has gone viral.

In the village, a number of people have died. Government officials have not been exempted from this life stealer. Nationwide, people are losing their lives in scenarios that only God can intervene to save. Think of peole dying of alcoholism therefore marching majestically to hell while drunk, others have given up breathing- courtesy of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Others have been send to the other world less their private parts by their wives. People mining in quarries end up doing a displacement reaction by occupying the spaces left by the minerals ; I mean they are burried in the mines. Others have died after being in comatose for months due to excessive consumption of hard drugs.
Elsewhere, boundary disputes have led to bloodshed and death, saints have been electrocuting their fellow saints, terrorism has instilled fear in people to an extent that grenades cannot be distinguished from transformer explosions which in turn leaves other souls dead. Children have been born and died even before their mothers are discharged, others being requested lyrically not to abort because that foetus may probably be the next Potus, just to mention but a few because the list is endless.
Forget about death. We have heard of the near misses our friends have just survived. You have seen friends on Twitter and Whatsapp thanking God of sustaining them after deadly accidents.


Others just survived in hospitals after surgical procedures that took hours that could allow Recce Squad to travel from Kenya to Canada without helicopters.


At work places, people have been crushed by machines, others have been victims of corrosive chemical spillages.
Poisonous jabs are destroying our children lives, vaccinations are no longer trusted because pregnant mothers allegedly receive tetanus vaccinations that tetanates their reproduction systems- that is to say, the vaccine also acts as a family planning tool. Our siblings in high school are roasting their friends in the dormitories as a scapegoat not to sit for their exams. At the same time, others have stolen and ingested methanol from the laboratories, which later converted their bodies into specimen x and transported them freely to pack adjacent to their ancestors.
Now, I have felt like we reason together because I know that we shall not be found anywhere on the surface of the earth two hundred years to come. I say so because one of our pastors whom we loved so much also went to be with the Lord. We are celebrating his life well lived because he has left a legacy. Most importantly, he has been serving the Lord faithfully and we are hoping that he was right with God as an individual. This means that he is peacefully resting wherever he is in the hands of the most high God. Most of us have a testimony that he was good.


The challenge now bounces back to us: Are we working out our salvation with fear and trembling? Are we walking right with our maker? When you visit a person in the hospital only to find him dead really makes you think of the place your soul shall rest. Salvation seems to be meaningless until somebody realizes that he is about to die. Fortunately, God is gracious and will still welcome this person if he confesses of his sins and ask God to take control of his life henceforth. It shall be a sad state of affairs for one to die without acknowledging Christ in his heart. When we are healthy and wealthy, we tend to think that we shall live on earth forever. That is why you will find somebody engaging in all kinds of sin in this society that is no better than Sodom and Gomorrah. Young men will brush off anything that concerns eternity.  They will ignore God in their endeavours until when they’re finally on the brink of death. It is so sad but this fact still remains: God does exist and shall be there forever. None of us is aware of the day he will die.
The sixty four dollar question then becomes evident: How prepared are you to die? It never seems to be real until somebody very close to you dies. The deadly claws of death are also seem to magnify a hundred times when one contracts diseases like cancer or HIV.
Check how your life is. Examine yourself. If you will not surrender your life to Christ, you will definitely sullender it to a Mollis who will snuff out life in you. That Mollis may be the brew people are fond of, or the lust of the flesh or corruption that has destroyed our nation!

Nyukuri Benjamin

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