A Letter to my Brother In High School

Dear bro, hope this finds you well. We’re doing good here in the village and praying that you come out of that school with a good grade.
I just thought about you and decided to draft this letter specifically for you. Sometimes in school, you students behave as if  ‘hiyo shule ni ya mama yenu’ and forget that you’re just there for a season. You tend to do the opposite of what you’re expected to do. Right from the way you dress, you reason out that shaggy dressing is a swag. This is an outright lie and to prove me right, think how mum, dad or any guardian would react to seeing you in those old, faded rags in the name of school uniform. Putting on sandals may seem cool, but have u ever thought of wrapping a towel over your body and presenting yourself before people? Yes, a pair of slippers is meant to serve you in the bathroom! Period.
On the other hand, it’s funny to mention this but i must say it. How on earth do you people harbour such poor thoughts in your small heads instead of grasping beneficial mathematical formulas?  It’s quite unfortunate to daydream having that madam as your lover. It shall never happen. Don’t allow you’re hormones to control you. Never ever allow your erection to determine your direction. You’re neither the first nor the last to experience such hormonal surge and its normal- you’re now shifting from your teen to adult life. We were once seated in such a class and we never wrote love letters to our teachers. That doesn’t mean that ours were ugly.They were beautiful as well.That lovely madam is somebody’s wife or fiancee. Soma! If you think you’re handsome, you’re wrong. How many handsome, rich, learned, imported (from China),strong ,saved men do you think she has interacted with in college? Grow up. Focus on what brought you to school. You’ll find fine ladies in the university when your time for marrying clocks in.
Am also  aware that your deskmate is always cupping his cheeks in his hands, feeling sorry for who he is and where he was born. He thinks he is worthless and wishing that he were so and so because so and so is handsome and intelligent. Tell him to wake up. He must love himself first before expecting other people to love him. Even the good book states that one should love himself so as to likewise love his neighbour. If he can’t beat you in maths, he can certainly beat you in Swahili or history. Tell him to open his eyes.
Another form one is always complaining of everything : bad food, bad teachers, bad matresses, bad prefects, bad everything. He should style up. He ought to examine himself because he has a bad attitude. The ealier he changes it,  the better for him. That food is what sustained us until we got our A’s and crossed over to the university.
Back to you, little bro. Remember that you’ll not be in high school forever. Let it be a stepping stone to catapult you into that great person you want to be in future. I know that you are a prefect. Please note that you’re still a student but mandated to make sure laws are adhered to. Therefore,  while executing your mandate, don’t forget that you’ll one day meet that person you are harassing outside the school vicinity. You never know, he may be your saviour. Did i tell you that the boy christened Juma, that form one student you brushed shoulders with is officially your in-law? Yes,  he is. I met his sister in campus and that is how events unfolded and led to this ‘in-law’ stuff. Therefore, make friends while in school- both with teachers and your fellow students. Handle them with wisdom and at the same time, don’t compromise because teachers trusted you for that post you’re serving.
On the other hand, It’s fun to nickname teachers, I know. But beware lest you bar your blessings just because you tagged teacher so a not-so-good name. Actually, how can you call him Mr. Cockroach? And madam Semenya? I’m not insinuating that I used to do that, but I remember tagging one as Melchizedeck-who is an ancient man of honour in the good book, and not Judas Iscariot or Osama.
Lastly, remember your creator while you’re still young and in everything that you do, acknowledge Him. What shall it benefit you to gain all the world and forfeit your own soul? There is still life after school. So don’t think that christianity is for stupid people. Or do I look like an imbecile because I’m born again? Its my knowledge of God that has actually sustained me from the hullabaloo of campus to the brouhaha of plot ten where i stay and the ruckus in the place I work. You’ll be amazed to find out learned people who still hold on the word of God when you get to campus.
All in all, I know that you’re preparing for your end of term exams. Do your very best and God will bless the work of your hands.
Lastly, I will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have three tickets with me. If you score an A , you’ll enjoy that honour of travelling with your big brother. On the same note, if you do the opposite, Juma will replace you and have that privilege of travelling with his sister to this beautiful city. Good luck in your studies.

Nyukuri Benjamin

4 thoughts on “A Letter to my Brother In High School

  1. wonderful!! i will be reading the same letter to my students….. you actually qualify the tittle you have held since you were born………………..Msakhulu

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