Cloud On The Horizon-Parenting Extremely Bright Lads Who Know Not God

Of late, I have had a soft spot towards kids. This has made me explore some characteristics of two categories of kids: those that know something about the church and those that are green in regard to church matters. I may not have the whole testament of what parents face when rearing their lovely kids, neither do i judge them nor teach them how to bring them up, but allow me throw in my two cents: If you’re a parent having a bright kid who tops in the class and goes to church every Sunday or Saturday, praise the Lord! If the lad can mention the full squad of Arsenal FC or Manchester United, in your lineage, you absolutely lack a generation with two left legs so be happy. If she knows all the soap operas aired in different television stations from 4pm to midnight, you’re bringing up a future Lupita. At the same time she may feign madness when cornered by enemies, like king David when he found himself in the philistine city of Achish and save her life (and probably yours too.) The lad can imitate Dj Afro word by word, be glad because that is a police commissioner in the making to put alshabaab under  ‘sieke.’ At the same time, worry because he’ll not  ‘besieke’ the cravings of the flesh in his teen years after watching Alejandro following beautiful Parloma until she ‘enters into the box.’ If he can differentiate legal brew from the second generation ones by the tongue and not by use of phenolphthalein or bromothymol blue indicators, that’s fantastic. On the other hand, it might be quite unfortunate if he can’t fathom the first miracle that Jesus performed in Cana! That’s a time bomb that is awaiting to explode in future. At one time, your generation may be cut off unless a future man Unye intervenes. Again, if he knows something about clubbing and outings and the names of the best clubs in town yet can’t recite John 3:16, mtu wangu, you’re treading on quick sand. She can’t differentiate Elijah from Elisha or Balack from Baalam yet she can mention all the presidents in the entire continents of the world, then be ready to welcome 1001 men in your home in the name of sweethearts or whichever when the kid gets to campus . He can sing songs like  ‘better dan dem’ reggae and reggae and jamaican RnBs but can’t sing any by Christ Ambassadors Choir or Christina Shusho, beware! Thats a person who’ll be dj-aing secular songs during Chrismas night vigil in church. She  knows Mbusidee and Lion and has never heard of Amani Aila of Hope FM, hapo iko mbruucha. You’ll soon find out why her favourite worship song is ‘Amen’ by Lucky Dube or Morgan Heritage. If he knows that coins are strictly to be dropped in the offering basket in church and notes pay for tickets when entering the Villa Rosa Kempinski for an outing or Carnivore for Churchillshow, who knows! You may come to understand the reality of the verse from the good book that jotted down this: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than
for a rich man to enter into the
kingdom of God. If the lad knows teacher so and so is an imbecile or preacher so and so is a stupid maniac because she heard you term them stupid, that’s a future politician who’ll tell you right in the face, ‘Hiyo kanisa si ya mama yako’ when you request her to go and attend a youth’s fellowship in church instead of going out to ‘rave with her buddy.’ This, on the other hand, may be a fellow who knows his rights in the house and thinks that washing dishes is  ‘kuwachisha mboch kazi’, doing laundry is child labour or not spreading her bed at age 22 is creating jobs for more househelps to be employed. As a parent, that’s perfectly okay. He is being  ‘entrepreneural’  and sooner rather than later, he’ll attend the next GES and give mzee Obama a handshake who by that time would be a retired president rearing Malia’s children. The good book states categorically in Proverbs 22:6 New King James
Version (NKJV) that you train up a child in the way (s)he
should go, and when (s)he is old (s)he will not
depart from it.

Nyukuri Benjamin

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