News round-up

I have received news from reliable sources that je-over’s antics are now over. I appreciate that he was just a caricature because if he were not, then I would be having a nose and bloodshot eyes like his. On the same note, I wonder how ladies would look like if he, too, had created them in his own image and likeness. He disappeared a few hours ago and wherever he is, I’ve volunteered to offer him free services as a reporter at a small fee. Je-over sir,I know you’re not aware that Potus is flying to Kenya and will be landing at JKIA today in the evening. All roads have been carpeted green, courtesy of this good governor whom you think is your creation in the name of Kidero. He is busy slapping people who can’t follow simple rules like  ‘Usikanyange nyasi or usikonjowe hapa.’ Elsewhere, another rib tagged as Flotus is still calming down Malia and Sasha trying to assure them that their daddy is very safe in the so called ‘terror hotbed.’ She’s busy putting it clear to Malia that the father has not come to collect dowry from the man who happened to prefer being a lawyer than a rudisha or kipchoge. Lastly, mr je-over, I’m praying for you and asking my God,  who will never disappear like you,to visit you personally and teach you that you’re just like any other human being na uwache upus!

Nyukuri Benjamin

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