Sexual purity for young adults who are Courting

Just thought of posting this…
My fiancee happened to be the
chairlady in our church. I could see a
woman of God In her when in church,
a real evangelist. Little did I know
that I was courting an angel! Her eyes
would abruptly change and shine like
stars whenever the two of us would
meet. I would now see a princess in
her outside the church jurisdiction.
That’s when I realized that she was
also curvy… I used to think that I was
strong but this opened my eyes to
realize that I was indeed the
weakest… it’s a fact that we are all
prone to sin (unless if you’re from
planet Mars) so should take the
neccesary precautions. Just as Paul
said, if you think you’re standing and
too strong to fall, take heed lest
gravity proves you wrong. finally, our
good friend Nungari Mugi-Irenge
”I find some of these notions very
strange. Salvation does not take away
your humanity. Sexual feelings and
desires are God given. Try marrying
someone you are not sexually
attracted to!!!! It will be hell on earth.
Having a strong attraction to
someone is not a sin. Feeling sexually
attracted to someone is not a sin.
What you do with those feelings is
what can be a sin. So, don’t dwell on
it lest you give the devil a foothold.
Don’t allow yourself to have sexual
fantasies about the person.
Acknowledge it, submit it to God and
focus on something else. The way to
remain pure before marriage is to date
in public especially, ladies, when
your cycle is in that place where the
hormones are raging ! Try also to
have chaperone’s when you know
that you need them. For us, my
nieces worked very well. They would
pile themselves between us until we
were on opposite ends of the couch
! Don’t imagine that you are
superman or wonder-woman,
acknowledge that you too can fall
into sexual sin and put the right
boundaries and protective measures
in place. God will keep you.

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