Creative Ministry Unleashed

Once in a while, I’ve had to swim against the tide and do some vitimbi.So say I because somebody will snap that I let go an opportunity of evangelizing. In flight Embassava from town, I secured a seat on the second last row and sat next to a plump brown lady. She was like a foot shorter than I but wearing skimpy stuff that qualify to be termed as second generation thus face the fury of man Unye. The problem arose when I was triggered to view how kidero was beautifying the city. Because I was taller and she had an over-exposed cleavage, she probably felt like I was peeping Into it and suddenly jerked her eyes on me! I avoided her eyes and looked at the opposite side. I concur that ‘wanaume ni kusahau’.No sooner had I jerked my head than the bus swerved to avoid hitting a motorcyclist. This forced me to catch a glimpse of that fellow who would have secured a ticket to ‘gotea’ jaramogi even before our beloved Ojwang. Unfortunately, my eyes had a head-on collision with the lady’s. She won once again and I promised myself not to look at her. Hardly had I tilted my head than a v8 cruised past us and I had to once again throw a glance unconsciously. The lady was now feeling uncomfortable. She decided to fold her arms on her chest to curb my ‘roaming’ eyes. Folding her hands unfolded more drama because the ‘residents’ bulged outside the cleavage and the little thing in the name of a skirt further parted ways with her knees therefore exposing other private residents. Realizing that I couldn’t avoid looking through the window, I decided  to do what I advice you never to if you love your skin and teeth.I looked at her face, then on her  chest then on her laps. Each look took 3 seconds, 2 and 1 second in that order and I repeated the procedure severally. The lady gave up and had to alight before reaching the destination. I guess she thought that I was a victim of the illegal second generation concoctions. Hope she’ll learn to dress modestly from my ‘Ojwang’ism’.

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